Genshin Impact Is Changing The Perspective Of Free-To-Play Game

It’s no fluke that Genshin Impact rank third in the top grossing mobile game worldwide as of January 2021 with a whopping $874 million. For those that haven’t heard about Genshin Impact Here’s the TLDR: Genshin Impact is an RPG action base story driven game that is free-to-play on mobile that is also cross platform with PC, console, and soon to be launch Nintendo.

Now that you know about it, let’s dive a little deeper into the gameplay

Open World

The Genshin Impact world is absolutely amazing. The first time I log into the game, I felt like I was being transported into another world with its unbelievably breathtaking scenery. As Genshin Impact is an open world RPG game, players could explore the map anywhere, anytime without being tied down to the story line.

So far only Two of the eight regions have being released Mondstadt and Liyue with the other five regions still in development.

Characters And Elements

There are seven Gods (Archon) in Genshin Impact, each Archon has its own element Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, Dendro, Cyro, and Geo.

All characters in the game will have an element with them except the main character (traveller). With so many elements to play with, players have the freedom to try different type of team composition where players can mix and match different element together to make an interesting team also there elemental resonance where character with the same element will have element bonus.


Here comes the question do you need to pay to progress, the short answer is no long answer not really. Here is what I meant, in Genshin Impact players have the option to pull for characters they want, with even the character that the game given to you.

Players can progress through the game with relative ease as the game is player friendly unlike other game that force you to pay to progress to the next difficulty level. Summing it up, pulling for a 5 star character just help you progress at a smoother rate than not pulling for it.

A Bright Future Ahead

Overall, Genshin Impact has a promising future ahead as the game is only five months old and who knows what sort of interesting story will they come up next what sort of new and cool update are being added with every update, making the game even more exciting and fun.

Just a enthusiast

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