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What is holding you back from reaching your goal? If we identify the elements that stopping us from moving ahead, hopefully you will work on them and fulfil your dreams. Here are some elements that are holding you back.


All of us are afraid of something, whether we choose to acknowledge it. Fear makes us think negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts will only bring uncertainty and would cause indecision. Don’t let yourself get stuck in a negative loop. Always be optimistic believe in yourself that you could do it. …

If you’re in the market for a mode of transportation, but you do not have the amount needed to buy it brand new. Then buying a used car is the way to go, as you can save big money by buying a car used. Here are some of the pro and cons when buying a used vehicle.


Price And depreciation

The reason you are buying a used car in the first place is because of their lower price, as brand new cars usually come with a big price tag. Beside you can save thousands on it buying used.

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Buying a new vehicle is one of the largest investments you’ll make besides buying property. Therefore, potential buyers should be wise and practice diligence before deciding whether buying a brand new car is worthwhile.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide on weather should you buy a brand new car or better off with a used car.


Safety Feature And Latest Technology

A brand new car has a brand new smell. The same can be said with safety and technology. As technology mature, the safety of the car also improves. Newer vehicle is safer compared to older…

It’s no fluke that Genshin Impact rank third in the top grossing mobile game worldwide as of January 2021 with a whopping $874 million. For those that haven’t heard about Genshin Impact Here’s the TLDR: Genshin Impact is an RPG action base story driven game that is free-to-play on mobile that is also cross platform with PC, console, and soon to be launch Nintendo.

Now that you know about it, let’s dive a little deeper into the gameplay

Open World

The Genshin Impact world is absolutely amazing. The first time I log into the game, I felt like I was being transported…

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